Toggle On/Off

New event sources are enabled by default, but maelstrom provides a way to toggle event sources on and off. This can be used to pause cron or SQS pollers during maintenance windows, for example.

Toggling the status of an event source does not modify the event source itself, so the modified time and version of the event source does not change.

The current status of an event source is included in the mael es ls output.

Enabled status is cached in memory, so changes to event source status will not take effect immediately. The default cache interval is 1 minute for SQS and cron event sources and 1 second for HTTP event sources.


Example 1: Basic usage. Disable or enable all.

Disable all event sources:

maelctl es disable

Enable all event sources:

maelctl es enable

Example 2: Disable all event sources by type

# type can be: http, sqs, cron
maelctl es disable --type=http

Example 3: Enable all event sources by name prefix

# only event sources whose names start with "foo" will be modified
maelctl es enable --prefix=foo

Example 4: Disable all events by project

maelctl es disable --project=finance