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Maelstrom is a HTTP reverse proxy and request router that also includes support for starting and stopping containers in response to request activity.



Design and dependencies

Maelstrom is designed to have a very small operational footprint. Each node runs a single process (maelstromd) and bootstraps cluster state from a shared database. Nodes are peers (i.e. there are no manager / worker distinctions) and nodes compete to acquire locks to perform various activities such as auto-scaling and cron support.

Each node in the cluster must be running Docker and must have access to a MySQL or Postgres database.

Maelstrom consists of two binaries:


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Maelstrom is licensed under the AGPL v3

Platform Program Version
Linux x86_64 maelstromd latest/master
Linux x86_64 maelctl latest/master


Source Code and Issue Tracking

Source code is hosted at GitHub

Ways to help

There are lots of ways to get involved.