Maelstrom Documentation


Thanks for checking out maelstrom, the simple container orchestrator. This book will explain how to install maelstrom, how to create your first project, and how to configure different event sources.

The appendix sections provide a reference for maelstromd configuration variables and the maelstrom.yml project YAML format.


maelstrom is built on top of Docker and provides a way to start and stop Docker containers in response to inbound requests.

In maelstrom all running containers must expose a HTTP server. Requests will be reverse proxied to this web server.

Docker concepts

Term Meaning
image A named ordered collection of root filesystem layers
container Runtime instance of a docker image

Maelstrom concepts

Term Meaning
component Spec defining how to run a container. Specifies min/max limits, RAM requirements, logging.
event source Spec that defines an external request source to map to a component. Event sources include HTTP, Amazon SQS, and cron.
project Collection of components and event sources. Defined in a YAML file.
node A physical or virtual machine running the maelstromd daemon.
cluster A collection of 1..n maelstrom nodes that share a common database.

These concepts will be explained in more detail in later chapters.

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